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  • Temperature and refrigerant check
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Are you looking for Air Conditioning  for your vehicle?


We want you to feel comfortable in your car!

No matter if it gets too hot or too cold in your car,

No matter if you have an automatic or a manual air conditioning system installed in your car,

no matter if you have an old or ultramodern air conditioner, filled with the climate gas R12, R134a or with the new R1234yf gas.

We are the highly qualified specialists for Air-condition service Shardlow whether it's maintenance, electronic or electrical repairs or cleaning if your air conditioner spreads unpleasant odours!

With our state-of-the-art filling systems and our continuously trained employees, in technology and environmental protection, we will solve your problem.

And we do so in an environmentally friendly manner by collecting and professionally recycling the old gas - so you do not need to worry.


We are looking forward to your call.

How does an air conditioning system work?

Actually, no different than a refrigerator. With evaporative cooling.

Here is an example:

On a hot day at the beach, you wrap a cold, damp cloth around a beer can to keep it cold. The water in the cloth evaporates, and the can cools down. Cold arises.

Correctly seen no cold arises - this state does not exist in physics - but heat is dissipated or extracted.

The entire aircon system is a closed system filled with refrigerant. Inside the room to be cooled - i.e. our passenger compartment - there is a pipe coil, the so-called evaporator, in which the refrigerant is located. The heat in the room penetrates to the refrigerant and causes it to boil, causing the refrigerant to evaporate (our example with the damp cloth).

The heat from our room is now contained in the refrigerant vapour and is conducted through the pipe system to the compressor (booster).

In the compressor, the refrigerant vapour is compressed to a higher pressure and pumped into the condenser. The condenser is again nothing more than a cooling coil/tube coil. Here the refrigerant releases its heat to the environment - i.e. outside the passenger compartment - and becomes liquid again. Anyone who has ever seen a refrigerator from behind knows what we are talking about here.

The refrigerant liquid, which has now cooled down, is led back through the pipe to the evaporator inside the car. A throttle valve controls the amount of coolant. The fan in the vehicle distributes the cool air - you don't sweat anymore - and the cycle starts all over again.

What many car drivers don't realise: Even in autumn and winter, it makes sense to use the air conditioning system. It should, therefore, be switched on together with the blower even in winter temperatures to protect the interior of the vehicle. This dehumidifies the air and makes the air conditioning system a secret weapon against steamed-up windows. Also, it makes sense to switch on the air conditioning in autumn and winter as well to increase its service life. During operation, moving parts and seals in the cooling unit are lubricated, and the risk of losing refrigerant is reduced. Besides, regular use prevents the spread of mould or bacteria in the interior through leaves, snow and moisture. To avoid a fungal attack, drivers should also switch off the cooling function shortly before the end of the journey, but leave the fan running. This way, the moisture is blown out of the system.

Aircon condition maintenance Shardlow.

  • We have a look at the level of the cooling liquid as it "evaporates" over time. A level that is too low - as well as one that is too high - can impair the work of the compressor or even damage it.
  • We check your aircon system, fill it with new gas if necessary and check for possible leaks and proper functioning. In our aircon service Shardlow workshop, we use the "old gas" as well as the new one, so you don't need to worry if you have an older air condition model installed in your car.
  • It is also essential to change the filter regularly. It keeps dirt, pollen and unpleasant odours away from the vehicle occupants. Pollen allergy sufferers appreciate a well-functioning filter.

We strongly advise against cheap no-name filters that are available on the market. Poor fit, moisture absorption with associated mould growth and bacteria infestation are in the worst case even harmful to your health. We only use brand name filters from renowned manufacturers.

Disinfection of the entire system is recommended at specific intervals. This will also clean the entire ventilation system of your vehicle. This ensures that not only the filter but also all air-bearing parts are free of bacteria and mould.

We carry out all maintenance work on your air conditioning Shardlow according to the manufacturer's specifications.

An air conditioning system maintained by Autoline Recovery and Repairs keeps you cool and keeps you healthy.

If you would like to get your car's air condition checked or are already experiencing some issues, please get in touch so we can help you.

Air condition service Shardlow - Auto-Line MOT Centre + Repairs

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