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Jinyu Tyres

The Jinyu Tyre Group Co. Ltd was established in the year 1995 and has become one of the leading tyre manufacturers in recent times. Based in China, this company boasts dealerships globally. Jinyu delivers around 11 million tyres per year to the Western world.

Abiding by the philosophy – ‘provide customers with valuable products and services wholeheartedly’, this brand is a reliable tyre maker and has made sizeable inroads in the UK market because of its use of advanced technologies, best raw materials, and marketing strategies.

As product quality plays a vital role, Jinyu strives to maintain strict EU regulations while fabricating these tyres.

In order to enjoy a comfortable, noise-free and safe drive on affordable wheels, Jinyu tyres are the best option. Here in Shardlow, the right spot to find the same is Auto-Line MOT Centre.

At our facility, you can remain assured to find a significant selection of Jinyu car tyres Shardlow for different seasons and types of cars.

Jinyu’s top models

    • Summer 

Gallapro YU63

Designed for high-performance cars, this model from Jinyu offers optimum stability, resistance to wear and responsiveness at significant speeds. It features a special tread compound that reduces rolling resistance, thereby enabling less fuel consumption. Also, the tread patterns boast a middle rib which ensures handling and firm grip, allowing braking and precise steering.

    • Winter Tyres


Jinyu’s YW51 offers manoeuvrability on snowy surfaces and guarantees an excellent performance, handling and grip in adverse conditions when temperatures fall below 7 degree Celsius. Besides, its low rolling resistance ensures fuel efficiency, which makes this model economical when compared to other tyre brands present in the market.


This is another winter variant from Jinyu with outstanding traction and grip on ice, snow and mud. Its unique rubber compound reduces the risk of hydroplaning and provides a safe drive on slippery, slushy, and ice-covered roads.

    • All-season Tyres


Tyres suitable to work in varied weather conditions are designed using compounds which can adapt to both moderate winter and summer conditions. They can proffer equal stability, grip and traction on both dry and wet tarmac. If you are searching for an all season variant from Jinyu, YH11 can be your best fit. To browse the full range of all-season Jinyu tyres Shardlow, you can visit our official website.

    • 4x4 Tyres


In order to tackle the tricky and challenging road conditions, you can opt to buy Jinyu tyres Shardlow from our 4x4 range. YW70 guarantees enhanced stability and traction on rugged terrain and its unique tread material proffer improved responsiveness, and faster discharge of water.

Besides these mentioned variants, Jinyu fabricates other varieties of tyres equipped with new technologies at affordable prices; you can easily avail them at our facility.

Hence, instead of searching ‘Jinyu tyres near me’ on the web, visit our establishment and pick your desired model. Else, call 0133 279 9199 to schedule an appointment.

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