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Falken Tyres

Born in 1983 to dominate the race track, today Falken Tire has evolved to serve every aspect of the consumer market. Globally supported by the world’s 6th largest tyre manufacturer Sumitomo Rubber Industries, the Japan-based Falken Tire made its entry into the North American market and Europe within five years of its existence.

Falken tyres are the perfect blend of high-end sporty experience, family safety, and comfortable performance. Crafted with the philosophy ‘aggressiveness and high performance’, Falken tyres continue to enrich itself with the latest R&D technology along with NEO-TO 1 technology that promises nothing but high performance.

Dedicated to revolutionizing the concept of tyres in the coming years, many of its significant inventions have started to show their results. Sumitomo Rubber Industries, the parent company of Falken Tire, has received ‘Tire Technology of the Year Award’ for its Sensing Core tyre-sensoring technology.

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Whether you want high-performance tyres or tyres for your passenger cars, Falken stocks everything as per your need. If you are willing to buy Falken car tyres Shardlow, visit our workshop at Auto-Line MOT Centre. We, at Auto-Line MOT Centre, have a complete collection of Falken tyres that caters to your car’s demand.

Falken tyres- a name that defines technology

Some of the popular Falken tyres includes:

  • Falken Ziex ZE-914 Ecorun- If you want to enjoy sporty performance that satiates the demand for dry handling and wet grip, this range of Falken tyre will be the best option. Designed with four longitudinal grooves and ‘Ecorun Compound’, this tyre offers enhanced directional stability, reliable performance and also reduced rolling resistance on both dry and wet paths.

    Besides, the asymmetric tread patterns along with its ‘special eyes’ tyre wear indicators change shapes as the of tread depths reduces.

  • Azenis FK510- Developed with 4D Nano Design and four circumferential grooves, this model provides superior grip in both dry and wet surface with the added advantages of reduced aquaplaning. While the high shoulder-to-block ratio ensures exceptional cornering, the infused hybrid under-tread material provides the drivers outstanding stability and handling on the road. Therefore, while browsing for tyres near me, consider buying tyres from the brand of Falken Tire.
  • Falken Land Air T110- This range is specially designed for high-performance 4×4 and SUVs. Falken Land Air T110 guarantees exceptional performance in dry and wet condition. Also, this model is notable for providing excellent grip, stability and cornering at high speeds.
  • Eurowinter HS01- To ensure safety and directional stability in the harsh winter climate, Falken has introduced Eurowinter HS01. It offers improved traction on wet, snowy roads while reducing the risk of hydroplaning.

If you are stuck in a dilemma while the brand of tyres would be perfect for your vehicle, Falken has a whole range to meet your need. Hence, if you are willing to buy Falken car tyres Shardlow, do not hesitate to take for further assistance at Auto-Line MOT Centre. British Waterways Yard, Shardlow DE72 2HL, UK. To know more about Falken tyres, visit us at or give us a call on 0133 279 9199.

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