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Zeta Tyres

Zeta is a flagship of the world-renowned company SD International. Earlier, this brand was owned by the tyre giant Michelin. Zeta tyres have been received well in the market since their launch.

Based out of Shanghai, Zeta fabricates tyres at various price points, such that a maximum number of people can afford it. If you are thinking to buy Zeta tyres Shardlow, contact Auto-Line MOT Centre.

We are one of the leading tyre retailers in Derbyshire and stock a colossal range of Zeta tyres, suitable for cars of any model and make.

Top-selling Zeta car tyres Shardlow

    • ZIVARO A/T

Zeta’s Zivaro A/T features a wrap-around tread design that gives the tyre a rugged look and safeguards it from bruises and cuts. Also, this tread pattern offers outstanding traction on snowy and muddy surfaces.

This model also features reinforced sidewall that minimises damage from the impact of off-roading.


This all-season model is built with optimised sipes that ensure significant traction and grip on both wet and dry surfaces. It is made using premium silica compounds to ensure low rolling resistance, thus increasing fuel efficiency.

    • ANTARCTICA 5 and 6

These two variants belong to Zeta’s winter range of tyres which are designed for durability, excellent comfort and safe driving experience along with offering impressive braking distances.

The unique compounds and tread patterns guarantee rapid water displacement and aquaplaning resistance.


Alventi from Zeta is a run-flat variant featuring a class-leading asymmetric tread design and longitudinal grooves to lessen aquaplaning on wet surfaces. It also comes with inner inclined grooves that help to reduce noise and increase grip, resulting in a comfortable driving experience.

You can stay assured to get all these variants and more at our facility; still, if a particular size or product is out of stock, do not fret. All you need to do is inform us regarding the same, and we will source it within a span of a few days. Also, our experts will help you to choose the right set of tyres for your automobile, should you need assistance.

Hence, no more typing “tyres near me” on the web!

Instead, get in touch with us to buy Zeta tyres Shardlow.

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