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Dunlop Tyres

Founded by John Boyd Dunlop in 1890, Dunlop Tyres has become one of the most famous tyre brands in the world.

Since its inception, Dunlop has stood for excellence in terms of quality and performance. It has placed itself at the vanguard of improving customers’ driving experience by analyzing, experimenting, and reworking the theory behind what makes for a smooth drive. Priding themselves on up-to-date knowledge of what goes into making the very best set of tyres for your vehicle, Dunlop has clearly made its mark in the world.

If you are looking for Dunlop tyres Shardlow, look no further than Auto-Line MOT Centre. We stock a vast variety of tyres to suit all client requirements. You will find the following units at our garage.

Summer tyres

  • Sport Maxx Race 2: Providing superior grip on dry roads besides excellent steering precision, this is the perfect unit for high-end sports cars.
  • Sport BluResponse: This tyre is smooth when cornering, reduces rolling noise and plays a big factor in improving fuel efficiency as well.
  • SP Sport FastResponse: Offering impeccable wet performance, expect high mileage and top-notch handling from these Dunlop tyres Shardlow.

Winter tyres

At our facility, you can easily buy Dunlop car tyres Shardlow for winter use from our superb collection.

  • Winter Sport 5 - Providing sublime lateral grip, these tyres are great at resisting aquaplaning.
  • Winter Response 2 - These tyres offer superior braking response and cornering precision on snow-covered roads.
  • SP WinterResponse - Another winter unit suitable to perform well in challenging winter conditions, these tyres are great when it comes to braking and improved traction.
  • SP Wintersport M3 - Providing good traction on snow and high aquaplaning resistance, invest in these Dunlop tyres to enjoy a comfortable winter driving experience.

If you are still searching for “tyres near me”, do not fret as Auto-Line MOT Centre has got you covered.

We stock a variety of car tyres Shardlow from Dunlop and several other leading manufacturers, and you are sure to find something to meet your requirements.

Dunlop stays committed to its passion for performance, and we are no different. We, too, like to mingle with the very best; so we stock the top-selling Dunlop tyres for your convenience. Should you need any assistance, our experts will be more than happy to help you choose the perfect set of tyres for your 4-wheeler.

Our address is British Waterways Yard, Shardlow DE72 2HL, UK. Visit us during business hours or call us on 0133 279 9199.

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