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Are you looking for the Radar Tyres for your vehicle?

Omni United, based in Singapore, owns the rights to Radar tyres. All these products are constructed with state-of-the-art equipment and quality raw materials that make them matchless in terms of performance.

Radar uses PAH-free oil to manufacture its products. Moreover, this tyre corporation has been responsible socially, and from 2013, it has remained entirely carbon neutral.

If you are looking for Radar tyres Shardlow,Auto-Line MOT Centre is your one-stop solution.

Buy Radar car tyres from Auto-Line MOT Centre

Winter tyres

These are specifically built to provide enhanced traction and grip on snow-covered pathways.

Here are a few top-rated winter models manufactured by Radar:

  1. Centigrade
  2. Centigrade Cargo
  3. Centigrade Plus

Summer tyres

To ensure superior handling performance and driving comfort on warm and dry paths, car owners must opt to install Radar summer tyres on their vehicle. These are constructed with a hard rubber compound and ensure significant wet and dry traction with precise handling.

Some popular summer models from Radar are:

  1. Argonite RV – 4 and Argonite RV – 4T
  2. Dimax Classic and Dimax Classis WSW
  3. Rivera Pro – 2
  4. RPX - 10

All-season tyres

With Radar’s all-season models, you can avoid the hassle of changing your car tyres with every passing season, cutting down your expenses considerably. All-season models from Radar feature powerful and innovative tread patterns which are long-lasting and work on different surfaces. You can also expect top-notch wet and dry performance from these tyres throughout the year.

Few top-rated all-season variants from Radar are mentioned below:

  1. Argonite 4 Season
  2. Dimax 4 Season
  3. Renegade A/T 5
  4. Renegade R7 M/T

How to buy Radar tyres Shardlow from Auto-Line MOT Centre?

Come down to our establishment or visit our website to browse and purchase quality Radar car tyres Shardlow. You can also consult with our technicians to choose the appropriate model for your vehicle.

With our services at your disposal, you can put a halt to your search for ‘tyres near me’ on the internet.

Our branch is open on all weekdays between 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM, and Saturdays between 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM.

For more information regarding our superb range of Radar tyres Shardlow, you can dial us on 0133 279 9199 or write to us at auto.line.recovery@outlook.com.

Regardless of the type of automobile that you drive, you are sure to find just the right set of tyres for it at our service station. Visit us!

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