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Uniroyal Tyres

Established in 1892 in Naugatuck, Connecticut, the American tyre manufacturing company United States Rubber Company was one of the original 12 stocks in the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Later in 1961, all of these came under one umbrella, thus inaugurating the journey of Uniroyal Inc.

With the invention of ‘rain tyres’, Uniroyal has altogether changed the driving experience for car owners. From the 1990s onwards, the brand ceased to exist as a separate company. Today while the business of Uniroyal in North America, Colombia and Peru has been operated by Michelin, the French Tire Company. On the other hand, the vast industry of Uniroyal tyres in Europe operates Continental AG.

For many years Uniroyal is serving car owners across the globe with its unwavering quality and massive production, one such tyre is Tiger Paw, introduced in 1960. If you are looking for the best Uniroyal car tyres Shardlow, visit us at Auto-Line MOT Centre. We have an exhaustive collection of Uniroyal tyres that are specially designed to satiate your car requirement.

Uniroyal- ‘driving with passion.’

Are you still in search of car tyres Shardlow? Trust your car with Uniroyal tyres. Below is the teaser of some of the best tyres from Uniroyal.

  • Rainsport 3 - Designed with Uniroyal’s ‘Shark Skin Technology’, the asymmetric tread pattern of Rainsport 3 offers enhanced grip and cornering along with the reduced risk of hydroplaning. The unique tread pattern provides better short braking distance than its previous generation. Also, car owners enjoy a quiet and comfortable ride with this range of Uniroyal summer tyre.
  • Rallye 4X4 Street - Rallye 4×4 tyres come in 18 different variants. This range of on-road SUV tyres by Uniroyal delivers excellent performance in both dry and wet surface. Also, the unusual tread design reduces the risk of aquaplaning. This model excels in providing superior handling and directional stability in light off-road situations.
  • MS Plus 77 (Winter Tyre) - Featuring wide grooves along with a high density of sipes, MS Plus 77 provides enhanced grip on snow and increases resistance to aquaplaning. The special rain compound with which this model is made up of offers effective grip on wet surfaces. Also, the rigid tread blocks reduce tyre wear when cornering, thus ensuring reliable performance on snow.
  • All Season Expert 2 - This range of Uniroyal tyre comes in 55 different variants. The moderate natural rubber compound stops tyre hardening below 0° C temperature, thus ensuring enhanced grip. The tread depths of this model are engineered to deliver prolonged tread life than summer tyres. Also, the tyre has been officially rated in the range of wet grip from C to B. Hence, the improved grip in wet tarmac.

If you are looking to buy Uniroyal tyres Shardlow and searching for tyres near me, bring your car to Auto-Line MOT Centre. Our stock of Uniroyal tyres will provide you with everything you need. To know more about Uniroyal tyres, visit us at auto.line.recovery@outlook.com or give us a call on 0133 279 9199.

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