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Infinity Tyres

The Infinity tyres brand is a part of the AL Dowobi Group and was established in the year 1980. Since then, the company has been ever-improving its technology to offer unprecedented performance, longevity and comfort. Infinity tyres are now well represented all over the world in countries like U.K, Australia, Canada and more.

Infinity tyres essentially aim to cater to all types of tyres both in respect of usage and size. The brand, therefore, produces tyres for all types of vehicles, including SUVs and heavyweight commercial trucks.

The Infinity Eco Friendly Fuel efficient (EFFE) and Advanced Comfort, Control Construction (ACCC) are the two technologies which are ingeniously designed by the brand and are consistently maintained in the manufacturing process.

Hence besides providing exceptional comfort and sustainability, the tyres are also eco-friendly

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Some highly rated Infinity tyres that you can find in our store

All Infinity tyres are uniquely customized to cope with different road conditions. Be it summer, winter, or off-road drives; Infinity tyres never fail to offer optimal performance with technological improvisation.

Listed below are some of the highly-rated infinity tyres that offer ground-breaking performance.

  • Infinity Ecomax - This is a high-performance summer tyre. This tyre is powerfully built with a robust sidewall that prevents damage from external objects. The distinguished tread pattern and broad circumferential grooves help to drain out water efficiently and reduces the risk of hydroplaning. Additionally, the tyres offer lower rolling resistance that improves fuel efficiency and increases durability.
  • Infinity Ecotrek - This tyre is specifically customized for SUVs and off-road tracks. The increased tread depth and wider grooves offer efficient traction and prevent any compromise with comfort and durability. The unique sipes offer efficient water expulsion and therefore increases the grip on wet roads at high speed. This is indeed a perfect tyre for varied road condition.
  • Infinity Enviro - As the name suggests this variant offers environment-friendly features. The tread patterns are customized in such a manner that it reduces the noise emission most effectively. This tread design also provides superior grip and therefore increases the handling and steering precision of the car.

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